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Breathtaking places, which envelop you in their splendor

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Bed & Breakfast

We have only 3 large rooms available with private bathroom and air conditioning. We offer a small breakfast service for guests and free parking 100 meters from the property, near the family-run Bar Restaurant near the B&B.

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Our apartment is located on the first floor of a real tourist railway station, with daytime services only, with which you can reach the sea of San Menaio or Rodi in a few minutes. The apartment is consisting of a bathroom, a living area and two large bedrooms, in total it can be accommodate up to 6/8 people.

Inside: apartment "La Stazione"

Puglia... Gargano... Perle d'Italia

The wonders of the Gargano: here's what to see
The Gargano, a corner of Puglia and a spur of Italy, offers an enchanting panoramic view thanks to its bays, its sea and its white beaches, but not only that, because it is the Gargano is also forests, mountains, pine forests, woods and small villages that arouse amazement at first glance. The beauty of its places is ideal for making interesting and magnificent discovery excursions. Tremiti Islands, coves and caves The Gargano, a promontory of Puglia, is all under the dominion of the "Gargano Natural Park" to which they belong, the Tremiti islands, the lakes of Lesina and Varano and the Umbra Forest. The Tremiti islands, which have always been a destination for elite tourism, but not only that, offer such beautiful scenery that they have been defined as one of the "Pearls of the Adriatic".
The medieval villages of the Gargano
In addition to the sea, the Gargano offers beautiful medieval villages such as Vieste with its castle dating back to 1242. Built by Frederick II, as a "royal fortress", after the invasion of the Venetians, it underwent during the 1500s several attacks by the Saracens. Much of its current configuration is due to the Spaniards, who in the mid-19th century of 1500 incorporated and transformed the ancient remains of the Swabian fortification. Today it is used for military purposes and for a few years, it can be visited even in the summer period. Pizzomunno beach is very well known with its legend also narrated in a beautiful song by Max Gazzè. Not far from Vieste, there is Peschici with its Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria di Calena, protected by a surrounding wall. Overlooking the sea, Rodi Garganico stands out, a very characteristic village, full of alleys and streets full of history and traditions.
The Gargano hinterland
In the hinterland there is Vico del Gargano, one of the "most Belli d'Italia", and known as the "Country of Love". Located on a hill, its historic center is the testimony of a past full of archeology of inestimable value.
Umbrian Forest, green lung of the Gargano and the lakes of Lesina and Varano
From Vico del Gargano you can reach the Umbra Forest, the "green lung of the Gargano" which is located in the most internal. Very rich in fauna and flora, it is the ideal place to spend a day surrounded by nature. Noteworthy natural environments are found around the lakes of Lesina and Varano. Located in two different points of the Gargano, they are the most large in all of southern Italy. Both can be reached by boat called "sandalo", a typical boat in the area, because it is communicating with the Adriatic Sea.
Manfredonia, Mattinata and the turquoise sea
Two other locations absolutely not to be missed are Manfredonia and Mattinata. Manfredonia is a beautiful city located south of the Gargano. The Swabian Castle built in 1256 is very suggestive. Today it is home of the National Archaeological Museum where it is a Siponto collection known as the "Daunian Stele" is preserved: flat stone sculptures of various sizes depicting scenes of daily life and forms of ancient rituals of the ancient Daunian civilisation. Mattinata, a small town surrounded by wild nature offers beaches with turquoise sea and bays full of gravel and pebbles.
In conclusion, we can say that the Gargano offers a variety of of destinations, from localities coastal to those inland, in a union between sea and mountains.

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